White Label Gift Ranges

Heritage brings beautifully interpreted design from the past into the present. Ideal for gifting and tourist destinations with RRP £10–£325. Supplied unbranded or with optional Heritage gift boxes.
Fashionably pretty sterling silver collections perfect for gifting with RRP £5–£110. Supplied unbranded or with the option of Dew packaging and point of sale.
The Kit Heath Story

We're an established and respected British family company designing beautiful sterling silver jewellery. Together our designers, customer service and marketing teams work seamlessly to deliver quality and high standards that you can trust.

Join our family of independent, national and international retailers — we're sure you'll find us a pleasure to work with!

In 1984 brother and sister co-founders Kit Heath and Katie Nickell began their design partnership, taking inspiration from the coast and landscape of North Devon and timeless British style. Whilst at school, Kit melted down the family candlesticks to create sterling silver jewellery that he sold to friends and family.

His passion for jewellery ignited, Kit went on to sell into gift and jewellery shops from his VW camper van and Katie collaborated and led the creative side.

Today Kit Heath is an award-winning brand, internationally desired and synonymous with an understated confident aesthetic; renowned for distinctive, classic yet contemporary designs.

Refreshing, imaginative designs—inspirational storytelling—quality sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones—Kit Heath is the brand worth buying into.